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We offer a FREE initial appointment in London or Cambridge or online to discuss your bespoke requirements.
Feel free to contact us.
Business and econometric modeller, forecaster.
Your fine art collecting strategy

Roger Stiles

Art Buyer Advisors

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Flexibility, immediacy and discretion are the hallmarks of
selling or acquiring important works of art through us


Art Auction Buyer Advisors, Art Market Insights, Art Market Analysts, Artist Price Bands, Art Sales Performance, Bought In & Estimates, Art Surveyors, Art Valuation, PhD Inspection and Survey. Do not overpay for expensive art.

Having all of this data to hand is only as useful as the ability to interpret what it means accurately. Indeed, conducting too simple an analysis or using complicated techniques in the wrong way can lead to incorrect inference and bad business decisions.

Econometrics can help you to understand what data really tells you about your business, your customers, and the wider market, by being: transparent as a technique, regressions are not subject to the black box critique; flexible there are a battery of different techniques to suit what output is required; and robust econometrics is underwritten by an established wealth of academic literature.

How do price changes affect sales volumes? Elasticity analysis is used to understand how responsive an economic variable is to another It is commonly used to understand how sales vary as price changes.

Check Your Bid, Do Not Be Over Charged Or Overpay for Expensive Art.

Macroeconomic and Political Environment Analysis, Art Econometric Modelling, Forecasting and Quantitative Analysis,
Fine Art Inspection, Fine Art Survey, Art Surveyors, Art Buying Ingenious, Analysis, Sales,
Fine Art Antique Valuation Inspection & Survey,


Since 1989, Trust us with your transaction to minimise risk,
ART TRADER: We calculate mispricing, (low, fair, high price) in the fine & decorative art markets.

DO NOT OVER PAY or UNDER SELL ART. There is increased demand for western art among Asian collectors.

Independent Expertise and Consultants. Get a Valuation & Appraisal on your Art Transaction.


We spot bargains as well as art buyer remorse when you spend too much

ART LAW: ART MARKET PARA LEGAL, Art works and transactions, provenance, pre contract due diligence, We are pleased to work alongside our clients legal and other advisors to provide a seamless experience

Is the art work priced correctly
Low, Fair, High Priced?

Bespoke analysis tailored to your needs,


Highly competitive good value for money fees for our clients.

We are able to cut costs at the major auction houses and negotiate favourable terms.

Independent no conflict advice


Independent Analysis, Unbiased advice

Cutting edge PhD level Modelling

Accurate art valuation & pricing for buyers, sellers, investors

Art Price Comparison, Art Price Check,

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Art Market Analysis, The Gold Standard. Powerful Econometric Toolbox.
What is it worth? Check Your Bid: Art Price? Art Value? Profit/Loss? Museum art bargain?
E.G: Time Series Analysis, auto correlation, OLS regression, hedonic regression forecasting.
Art Sale Advisors, Online Art Buyer Services, PhD Inspection & Survey, Modelling

Art Physical Inspection & Survey for Online Buyers and Sellers

With our analysis you are empowered in the transaction.

Pablo Picasso. Sales Trend (1987-2017)

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We act on our clients behalf with discretion and privacy.
Trust us with your transaction from start to finish

ART BROKER: As private art advisors we have access
to important works of art which are for sale discreetly.

Fine Art Valuation, Art Price Consultants,

Buyer Pre Purchase
and Seller Sale Reports
to minimise art risk

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If you live in China and spot art online in London
at a major auction house such as Sotheby's,
we can check it out impartially and personally for you!

We also advise on art at smaller auction houses
such as Cheffins in Cambridge. Fine Art Inspection, Fine Art Survey, Art Surveyors,
Art Buying Ingenious, Analysis, Sales, Fine Art Antique Valuation Inspection & Survey,

We are independent with a physical inspection
with our clients best interests.

Cutting edge PhD Modelling

Statistical modelling, inference & forecasting.
Data insights and conclusions

Pablo Picasso: How often his art exceeds high estimates
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Calls to action:
Collecting, Collectors,
Accurate art econometric valuation & pricing
for buyers, sellers, investors

We calculate mispricing, (low, fair, high)
in the fine & decorative art markets to minimise risk

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E.G. Art Antiques Auction Consultants for thirty years,
Fine art paintings, watercolours, drawings, Chinese paintings,
Chinese ceramics, English & French furniture, European ceramics etc
for bespoke fine and decorative art indexes & investment portfolios.

Since 1989, we go from the general art index to the specific work of art

Our Services :
We help our clients in making some of their
most important decisions using
bespoke financial models and analytical tools.

Art Price Optimization

As our client we cover your needs
through our 28 + years experience & expertise.

Thanks to our unique PhD econometric models
(Mathematics, Statistics , Economics)
plus fine art qualifications
and experience at the top auction houses
and fine art dealership in Mayfair, London.

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Art Market Statistics:
Through modelling we can predict art markets
weeks or months in advance. This is vital.

We anticipate volatility and market activity.

Buy or Sell Art NOW?

Econometrics is a useful investment tool
and is used to measure
complex economic relationships.

EG: If interest rates rise and the stock market falls
what is the effect on the value of my art collection?

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We offer a FREE APPOINTMENT in London or Cambridge
or online to discuss your bespoke requirements.
Feel free to contact us.
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+ 44 (0)207 293 0320

+ 44 (0)777 648 6390

Art Buyer Advisors

FaceTime Video Call

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